About us



Under the executive leadership of Gerhard Wienker, Otto Keller has become one of the most well-known feather and down companies in Germany. For more than 65 years, it has been manufacturing high-quality bedding and established a renowned product portfolio. The company’s personnel demonstrates many years of experience and vast industry know-how, which creates exceptional value to the company and its products. With the use of modern machinery as well as manual work, Otto Keller continuously strives to achieve the best quality of its “made in Germany” products. The company works with a variety of specialised stores, corporate groups, home-centres, furniture stores and category specialist warehouses to provide end-consumers with its products.



Our aim is to create a world-class product that will accompany its user through restful nights for years to come. To accomplish this, Otto Keller uses a variety of specialised modern machinery, and combines it with the tacit industry knowledge and capabilities of the company’s staff. This balance between human manufacturing and factory machinery plays a vital role in Otto Keller’s daily production processes

At the outset of bedding fabrication, Otto Keller’s procurement department purchases exclusively first-class raw feathers and down from various countries around the world. Before they are ready-to-fill, all raw feathers and downs undergo a number of traditional processing steps: they are washed and purified, dried, sorted and carefully sterilized at 120° C.

German cambric factories regularly supply Otto Keller with 100% cotton fabrics, which are used to encase the filling with individual shells. In fact, after Otto Keller’s factory staff has precisely weighted the processed feathers and down, in-house filling and sewing machines help to produce a variety of pillows, comforters and other related feather and down products. Distinctive piping edges, embroideries, accurate labelling and packaging can be customised to guarantee a perfect finish to Otto Keller’s products.

To assure the high quality of its bedding products, Otto Keller applies quality checks to each production step. In addition, independent testing institutes regularly verify a first-class rating of Otto Keller products. Otto Keller utilizes the best of both, filling and cotton covers, and produces the lightest and fluffiest bedding of all.



“I am most particular about my bed; it is the sanctuary of life. We entrust our almost naked and fatigued bodies to it so that they may be reanimated by reposing between soft sheets and feathers. There we find the most delightful hours of our existence, the hours of love and of sleep. The bed is sacred, and should be respected, venerated and loved by us as the best and most delightful of our earthly possessions.”

Guy de Maupassant, French writer

A good night’s sleep is undoubtedly most important in order to perform in our everyday hectic life-styles. And as Guy de Maupassant stated, the best nightly recipe for regaining strength is sleeping in a comfortable bed with nature’s best feathers and downs.

Otto Keller processes these natural ingredients into bedding that provides a light, soft layer to the skin and comfortably regulates the body temperature. In fact, Otto Keller’s duvets insulate from the cold, while at the same time filter evolving humidity. These qualities make Otto Keller’s products a luxury choice and offer nature’s best quality of sleep.