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Standards of quality

Otto Keller is a member of the VDFI (Verband der deutschen Daunen and Federnindustrie – Association of the German Down and Feather Industry), a union of industrial providers of feather and down products guaranteeing products of premium quality. The VDFI is a member of the European Down and Feather association. For more information, please visit the VDFI at
DIN EN 12934
The European Norm 12934 label identifies bedding fillings, which exclusively consist of feathers and down. It is the only labeling standard prepared by and for all EU and EFTA states.
NOMITE confirms that all bedding articles are suitable for dust mite allergy sufferers. Because dust mites rely on high humidity to live, all dry and aired feather and down products are a poor habitat for them. In addition, the bedding’s down-proof ticking creates a barrier for dust mites and keeps them from penetrating the fabric.
Textiles Vertrauen
The Oko-Tex-100-certificate guarantees that all of Otto Keller’s products, including raw materials of shell fabrics and fillings, are free of any harmful substances or chemicals.
This trademark stands for controlled quality products that are made to last. The Traumpass label ensures newly obtained and first-hand feathers and down. They are all of class I, European Standard EN 12934, safety through quality control and with DIN certification.
Daunen und Federn
Bedding products that carry this label have ticking (cover) manufactured “made in Germany” and provide premium quality of German cambric of 100% cotton.
Finest Down
This label stands for the high quality of German cambric manufacturers.
Made in Germany
Lastly, the flag label identifies bedding products that are exclusively produced in Germany.