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Otto Keller GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned company from Altenberge in Germany. In this region, the traditions of agriculture and textile industry meet in harmony and therefore this collection is honoured to bear the town’s name. For over 65 years, we have manufactured high-quality beddings and established a renowned product portfolio highlighting our quality “Made in Germany”.

With the use of modern machinery as well as manual work, Otto Keller continuously strives to achieve the best quality and exceptional value for our customers from all over the world. Our quality principles remain at the heart of what we do, regardless of where our customers buy our products.

In 2012 our representative office in Beijing, China opened. Conveniently located in the city centre, it enables us to supply the entire country in the best way possible. A tailor-made collection was developed specifically for the China to emphasize the great importance of this market.

Otto Keller 为德国威斯特法利亚地区 (Westphalia) Altenberge 市的一家中型家族企业。在该地区,农业和纺织业自古以来和谐发展,因而本系列有幸以该市的名字命名。 六十多年来,我们一直制造高质量的床上用品并建立了享有盛名的产品系列突出我们德国制造的优越质量




Our aim is to create a world-class product that will accompany its user through restful nights for years to come. To accomplish this, Otto Keller uses a variety of specialised modern machinery, and combines it with the tacit industry knowledge and capabilities of the company’s staff. This balance between human manufacturing and factory machinery plays a vital role in Otto Keller’s daily production processes.

Altenberge 系列所为您提供的成套鹅绒被和枕头,为享誉世界的产品之一。在威斯特法利亚的农业和纺织业   



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