The Collection



The collection offers a range of premium goose down duvets and pillows, which rank among the most prestigious in the world. Our passion to create products of excellence with the highest filling power and lightest down is represented in the sumptuous luxurious products. All duvets are available in different sizes and versions for various seasons, climates and last but not least the taste of the user. The different stitchings and fill-weights are well-balanced and adapted to all possible applications.


Silver Collection

The Silver-Collection represents best German craftsmanship: A soft but solid batiste covering fluffy Hungarian goose down from the wide, green Puszta plains. This bedding offers well-balanced value for money.

Altenberge 银色系列:最佳德国工艺的体现,采用柔软耐用的精致细棉布被套和产于广阔碧绿的Puszta平原上的松软匈牙利鹅绒,让您物超所值。


Gold Collection

The Gold-Collection addresses to the demanding customer combining all the know-how of a leading German bedding maker, an extra soft and lightweight cover and a filling of pure white Canadian goose down.

Altenberge 金色系列:为满足高要求的顾客而设计,结合德国领先寝具制造者的所有技艺,采用极其柔软轻巧的被套 和洁白纯净的加拿大鹅绒。这些鹅养殖于加拿大湖泊河流的岸边,强壮、柔软且健康。


Platinum Collection

The Platinum-Collection is an absolute highlight in luxury bedding culture. Assembled with utmost care, the finest batiste covers and exceptional new white goose down for a sumptuous product. The famous pure Siberian goose down in its softness and strength is unsurpassable.