Quality Standards

Quality Standards


NOMITE confirms that all bedding articles are suitable for dust mite allergy sufferers. Because dust mites rely on high humidity to live, all dry and aired feather and down products are a poor habitat for them. In addition, the bedding’s down-proof ticking creates a barrier for dust mites and keeps them from penetrating the fabric.

NOMITE确认尘螨过敏者均可以使 用所有床上用品。 由于尘螨依赖 高湿度生活,所有干燥和透气的羽毛以及羽绒制品对尘螨来说是 不适宜生存之地。而且,床上用 品使用的防绒面料也形成了一道 防护,阻止了尘螨穿过面料。

Textiles Vertrauen

The Oko-Tex-100-certificate guarantees that all of Otto Keller’s products, including raw materials of shell fabrics and fillings, are free of any harmful substances or chemicals.

OKO- TEX-100 证书保证所有奥托凯 乐的产品的质量,包括制作面料

的材料和填充物无任何有害的化 学物质。

Made in Germany

Lastly, the flag label identifies bedding products that are exclusively produced in Germany.

这个旗帜标志确认所有床上用品 均百分之百德国制造。