Mental Health


Text Luiza Pechel
26. January 2021 01:19 Uhr


Whether through a hectic everyday life, a never-ending working day or too large a portion of Weltschmerz – everyone knows days when nerves are bare and energy is used up. At this point, of all things, the smartphone can be the savior in an emergency. 

Instead of a personal coach who admonishes to be mindful, there are offers of various mental health apps. Their content prevents us from getting to the point of complete overload. They encourage us to take breaks and become a mini meditation oasis to which we can withdraw in everyday life to take a deep breath. 

The only important thing is: start and stick with it. 

Basically, the Mental Health Apps differ mainly in the size and professionalism of their offer, as well as the associated costs. 

We compared the advantages and disadvantages of the paid apps 7 Mind and Headspace , as well as the free version Inside Timer to make your choice easier.

7 Mind

7 Mind has a wide range of guided meditations, targeted breathing and relaxation exercises and certified prevention courses on various topics. In addition, it offers relaxed sounds, sleep stories and thought journeys that are precisely aimed at reducing our thought chaos before going to bed and thus supporting us in the process of falling asleep. The paid subscription offers access to all basic and advanced courses as well as to so-called singles, which help to cope with specific situations in detail. A special plus: Statutory health insurance companies cover up to 100% of the costs.

Cost: 75 euros annually
Languages: German, English, French, Dutch Availability: App Store, Google Play


Headspace also offers guided meditations for more mindfulness or on special topics such as coping with stress, improving sleep quality and dealing with fears. It is particularly impressive because of the professionalism of its content, all of which are based on the results of clinical studies and were developed in cooperation with national institutes. Headspace is wonderfully suitable for meditation newbies who are slowly introduced to the topic and want to get incentives to incorporate exercises for more serenity into their everyday routine.

Costs: approx. 60 euros annually
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Availability: App Store, Google Play

Inside Timer

The Inside Timer app is particularly popular among the free meditation offers. With their beginner and advanced courses you should reduce stress, sleep deeper and better and learn how to better deal with your own fears. Inside Timer is a platform that is closely connected to the world of yoga and that collects and makes available new knowledge and information about meditation and mental health.

Free access to thousands of meditations, exercises and courses, additional Insight Premium subscription for 50 € per year
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian
Availability: App Store, Google Play


Podcasts can be a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t get another subscription but still wants to learn more about meditation and mindfulness training. 

Here you will find a small selection.

Meditation for every day with Paulina Thurm

Paulina Thurm wants to reach all those who want to shape their inner world of thoughts positively and who want to pay more attention to their own body. The goal is an everyday life with more space for peace and serenity and a fulfilled, self-determined and happy life. Listeners need neither prior knowledge nor accessories, just 15 minutes and a place where they feel comfortable and undisturbed.

New episodes every week
Length: between 15 and 25 minutes
Availability: Spotify, iTunes, Deezer

A Mindful Mess mit Dariadaria A

Madeleine Alizadeh – better known as dariadaria – has been dealing with the topics of meditation, personal development and self-love for years. In her podcast, she speaks to an inspiring guest every two weeks and conceives a meditation for the following week in between to convert what she has heard into an exercise for the active learning process.

New episodes every week
Length: between 10 and 55 minutes
Availability: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts ,

Mindful Minutes with Daniela Barchasch

Mindful Minutes is – as the name suggests – a podcast for people with a particularly busy schedule. Short mini-meditations are intended to encourage listeners to be more mindful and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The main goals are: Arrive, take a deep breath and de-stress.

New episodes every week
Length: between 5 and 40 minutes
Availability: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer

Fall asleep with Wikipedia

Having stories read aloud not only helps children fall asleep, but adults too. So why not just brush your teeth tonight, shake up your pillow and let a pleasant voice whisper superfluous knowledge into your ears while you are cuddled up? Falling asleep with Wikipedia podcast can do that very well. Instead of lying in bed brooding, you can have nicely curated Wikipedia articles on various, pleasantly irrelevant topics read aloud, which, due to the relaxing tone and slow pace, have only one possible consequence: sleep.

two new episodes a week
Availability: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast and many more